We can Move it
If you are looking for the best rail organisation to move your freight in the right direction, WHE is your ideal partner.
As a railway company with a network of more than 34 km, we combine the marshalling and shunting yards with the proximity of two port areas.

This means we can offer you a tri-modal service. Numerous local companies in the chemical and recycling industry, the engineering and logistics service providers, power plants as well as our intermodal terminal are connected by rail to WHE’s own rail infrastruture.

We have our own rolling stock. Our flett of diesel locomotives is comprised of various performance classes - from shunter to mainline locomotive.

Our own fleet of freight wagons completes our range of services. We can also hire additional locomotives and wagons to satisfy your requirements. This means a more flexible transportation method for your goods, which is not only cost-effective but also offers you a one-stop shop.

Our services at a glance:
• Traction from full train to the single wagon
• Shunting
• Marshalling
• Regional railway sidings operations
• Pre and on carriage transportation for regional and international routes
• Setting up of tri-modal logistics chains
• Railway wagon inspection and maintenance
• Weighing

Therefore, whether you need planning, development or
sidings reactivation, we believe we are the right partner
for you.